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Solar hot water in Perth is the latest trend in environmentally friendly and cost-effective heating solutions.

With a low cost installation and a long-term benefit to your power bill, it is the perfect addition to Perth homes looking for an edge, without sacrificing function or style.

Solar hot water systems utilise energy from the sun’s rays by converting it to power that is used to heat your water. These hot water systems use solar panels to absorb UV rays in order to then transform into sustainable energy. A common misconception is that the sun would need to be within view in order to operate the hot water system. In truth, however, a solar hot water system can operate all year round on the UV rays which are always prevalent in the atmosphere and omitted regardless of the season. With an additional ‘booster’ pack included to heat your home’s water in emergencies, using off peak electricity or gas, it ensures you always have beautiful hot water whenever you need it as a hybrid water heater.


If there’s one thing that beats a long, hot shower without the worry of running out of water, it’s doing all that AND knowing you’ve saved on your power bill at the same time. When you choose a PNG solar hot water specialist to bring the power of the sun into your home, you make the smart choice. So, what are the benefits of solar powered hot water?

  • The first benefit comes to your budget. Using solar power provides a fixed price resource. You are protected from continually rising energy bills while gas and electric prices remain subject to local and international pressures.
  • The second benefit comes to your future. Installing a solar powered home has been shown to increase the overall value of your home while decreasing your power bill. So, if you ever decide to move on, you’ve made the smart choice when it comes time to sell.
  • The third benefit comes to the environment. It feels good to do something that helps the Earth. Using solar energy is a highly renewable source of heat – barring the small amount of electric or gas that your booster uses to supplement solar power when needed. This reduces harmful emissions and reduces the reliance on fossil fuels. So the next time you’re unwinding under a constant stream of exceptionally hot water, you can rest assured you’ve done your bit for Mother Earth too.

There’s never been a better time to invest in solar energy. When it comes to the cost-effective and energy efficient water heater option, there’s no going past solar. With the most noticeable savings seen in large households, in warmer climates and where there is plentiful sunlight, there’s no better place to enhance your hot water system than Perth. Take advantage of our solar hot water Perth expertise and call us today!


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