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There’s never a good time for something to go wrong around the house. Thankfully, with PNG Solutions, there’s always a quick and reliable way to get on top of those residential plumbing problems and get your house back to full working order.

We know there’s a wide range of things that can require fixing around the home, so our local plumbers are fully licensed and able to help, no matter what needs fixing.


We offer home plumbing solutions for the following:

Emergency plumbing – Whether it’s a leaking tap that’s driving you slowly mad or a burst water main that’s threatening to turn your home in Atlantis, our emergency residential plumbing services cover the full range of plumbing problems you face in your home.

Gas and electric hot water system – Our professionals can identify the problems with your gas or hot water systems and work towards restoring them to full working order. We’re also able to provide unit replacement so you don’t ever have to go without.

Blocked toilets/installs – Of all the plumbing problems, a blocked toilet can be the most frustrating. Losing access to your home’s toilet is a disruption that you could do without, which is why we specialise in all blocked toilet plumbing and general toilet repairs, as well as new toilet installations.

Burst pipes and leak detection – A burst pipe can quickly become a nightmare in your home, causing water damage and impacting on the structure around it. We’re able to put a stop to burst pipes as well as provide leak detection services to identify where you’re at risk and what areas need extra attention.

Dripping taps – Don’t lose your mind to endless drips when our house plumbing experts can put a stop to the drip and drop. We bring the tools and expertise to tighten your faucets, making sure water only comes when you want it to.

Dishwasher and washing machine installs – Installing kitchen and bathroom appliances can be a messy and difficult job. We do the heavy lifting and the fine-tuning to get your new appliances installed and working so you can get on with the things you’d rather be doing.

Gas leaks – Gas leaks can pose a serious threat to you and your family if not properly dealt with. At PNG Solutions we take gas leaks seriously, providing specialised gas leak detection technology to identify any potential leaks and deal with them before they cause a bigger problem.

Staying on top of the little things around your home ensures they don’t become much bigger things. When you PNG Solutions you choose a residential plumbing Perth team that’s committed to your safety, providing an affordable and experienced service that puts you and your family first.

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