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In this day and age we’re all experts at most things.

With our smartphones in hand we have endless tutorials and guides just a click away. Despite this boom in technology, some things are still sacred. Like the role of a professional plumber, and this goes for plumbers in Waikiki. Don’t believe us? Try installing a sewage line using a YouTube video as a guide and let us know how it goes. The truth is, there’s no substitute for experienced professionals who can build on their years of training and expertise to deliver superior services and quality products.


Professional plumbers have been there and done that – It can be a little confronting seeing your toilet start bringing sewerage back through the pipes, or seeing a bathtub faucet replacement that’s spitting water. Our PNG professionals have seen everything across residential plumbing which means they’ll get to the root of your problem quickly, and get things under control in no time at all.

Professional plumbers have trade secrets to share – What’s the point of a skilled and talented technician team if they’re not friendly and relatable too! Our PNG plumbers are happy to chat with you about anything. Whether that’s the current state of AFL in Western Australia or the insiders guide to taking care of your hot water system so you can save money going forward, we’re happy to have a chin wag.

Professional plumbers can multitask – Taking care of each problem as it comes will help you stay on top of your plumbing maintenance, but it’s not great for your wallet with constant call-out fees and services. Our plumbers are able to see the big picture, fixing many problems and ensuring others are stopped before they get out of control. Each PNG service is a small price to pay with such future savings.

Professional plumbers bring their own tools – This one goes without saying of course. But imagine the cost of supplying all the tools necessary to fully replace a showerhead, or test for a gas leak, or renovate a bathroom! DIY plumbing might make financial sense, until you factor in the cost of buying your own tools. Add on top the risk of damaging your home with the wrong tools/the wrong technique, and there’s just no comparison. Professional plumbers are the smart, cost-effective and reliable choice.

Whether it’s a clogged drain or an emergency sewer cleaning, the plumbers Waikiki trust come from PNG Solutions.


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