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The humble leaking tap. It’s the little engine that could, not as pressing as a busted pipe and not able to stand out like a poor hot water system.

So, it just continues with it’s quiet, unassuming dripping. No big deal, right? Wrong! If left unserviced, a dripping tap can waste thousands of litres.

When we’re not providing superior plumbing solutions and drainage expertise to the homes of Secret Harbour, we conduct dripping tap science experiments.

Imagine you have a dripping tap, or if this is your reality, just go and look at your dripping tap. If your tap is leaking 10 times a minute, it will add up to 14,400 drips by the end of the day. This is roughly 3 litres of water wasted every single day. This rises to 21 litres by the end of the week and 90 litres by the end of the month. While the speed of your drip will determine the final figure, it is not uncommon for a Secret Harbour household to lose 20,000 litres of water in a year. That’s enough to fill a small swimming pool!


Our team of experienced and professional plumbers in Secret Harbour can put an end to your leaking taps, saving you money and securing your sanity. More than that, we can provide plumbing solutions for the entire spectrum of problems in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry. Whether it’s a blocked drain, a broken toilet or a showerhead that needs replacing, PNG Solutions can help.

As fully licensed plumbers, gas fitters and drainage experts there’s no need to spend money chasing up contracting teams – we do it all. Don’t tear your hair out screaming “where are there plumbers near me?!” and don’t waste time or money looking for help when the plumbers Secret Harbour turns to can get your home back on track. Whatever the problem, PNG are the solution.


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