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When it comes to plumbers in Perth, there’s no better choice than PNG Solutions. As our name suggests, we provide the answer to all your plumbing problems. With a team of experienced and professional plumbers who are known for keeping the homes and businesses of Perth in top shape, we provide a quality and affordable plumbing service that sets us apart.

Our plumbing repair services include all kitchen, bathroom and laundry maintenance and plumbing. Whether you want help making your bathroom or kitchen stand out, or quick relief from an emergency plumbing problem, we’re the local plumbers ready to help. Whether indoors or outdoors, our plumbing prowess is ready to take the stress out of your life and flush your problems down the drain.

We install toilets and help you repair any existing toilet defects before they get out of control, but we don’t stop there. Need help installing a new appliance? Our washing machine installation can turn your laundry from dark and dreary into a practical paradise. Whether it’s repairing the old or replacing with new, PNG Solutions is here to help.

We know how important it is to have access to clean drinking water to keep you and your family safe so we specialise in backflow prevention, with a range of backflow options available we can fit your home with the security it needs to ensure your water always flows crystal clear.

There’s nothing quite like a dripping tap to keep you awake at night. Don’t live as a slave to your leaking faucets, call PNG Solutions and get the ultimate peace of mind with our competitive rates, reliable service and outstanding quality for all plumbing jobs.

Take advantage of our 100% obligation free quote and let the premier plumbers in Perth help you get on top of your taps today.

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