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When it comes to your home, some services are more urgent than others.

That peeling paint on your garage can wait. But that burst pipe under your kitchen sink that’s threatening to turn your home into an underwater paradise? That needs urgent attention. The first thing you have to do is secure the kids and pets, we don’t want those drifting away on the tidal wave of water that’s spewing out from under the sink. The second thing to do, call PNG Solutions and get the emergency plumber Mandurah residents turn to when things get out of hand. A quality service, that’s prompt and professional, that won’t break the bank – it’s the PNG promise.


When there’s an emergency in your home, you need a plumber who makes you a priority. There’s nothing worse than looking at the clock while you wait an eternity for plumbing help or toilet repair. This is even worse if you’re concerned about a gas leak and need someone to make your family’s safety their most pressing concern. When there’s concerns about gas Mandurah residents known PNG are the answer. When you call PNG Solutions you get the plumbing team who puts you first. We pride ourselves on our quick response time, getting to you as soon as possible and making sure the job we do is done right, not just fast, so you get lasting peace of mind.


It’s tempting to think a quick YouTube tutorial and a little home DIY can solve your plumbing problems or help with your bathroom renovation. No matter how good your tutorial is, without professional help, you’re likely to make the situation worse. Want the beautiful bathrooms Mandurah homes deserve? We can help. Hot water in Mandurah could be hotter? We’ve got heating systems for every home. Even something that seems simple like a blocked drain can cause havoc with your drainage and pipe system if not cleared correctly. At PNG Solutions we don’t simply fix your emergency plumbing concerns. We walk through the problem with you from start to finish. Whether it’s a broken toilet or renovated kitchens Mandurah residents will love, our skilled technicians will explain every aspect of the process. So while you might not end up a DIY expert, you’ll know what’s happening and the best way to handle it if it happens again.

When it comes to the plumber Mandurah trusts, it’s PNG Solutions first and daylight second. Don’t settle for second best, call our highly accomplished team and forget about the rest.


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