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What’s the best thing you could imagine waiting for you in the bath after a long, stressful day? (Keep the guesses clean here!)

The answer is beautiful, hot water! It’s easy to take for granted, but a constant stream of hot, steaming water isn’t always guaranteed. If your hot water system isn’t up to date or isn’t using the latest technological trends, you could end up in lukewarm water wondering who to call. As the plumber South Perth trusts that’s where we come in. At PNG Solutions we aren’t just emergency plumber experts but also specialists in hot water systems and can help you figure out the type that’s best suited to your home.


Your choice of hot water system will ultimately depend on your home and the benefits you want to receive. Thinking about investing in a new hot water system from the best plumber in Golden Bay? Read on.

Electric hot water system – Available as both tank water storage or instantaneous flow, electric water heating is a traditional choice. As a result of its widespread use, it represents the most economical to maintain with parts and technicians simple and easy to find. With easy to access hot water system repairs in Perth a major benefit, it also has low installation costs and low maintenance costs, it is one of our most reliable plumbing services.

Gas hot water system – Available as both tank water storage or instantaneous flow, gas hot water is a cheaper alternative than electric heating systems with a low upfront cost and low ongoing maintenance. With low carbon emissions and exceptional energy efficiency, gas water heating can help your home and budget too.

Solar hot water system – Make the sun work for you (it doesn’t need breaks or a superannuation contribution). The latest trend in environmentally friendly and cost-effective heating, solar power is perfect for Golden Bay homes, giving you access to renewable energy at a fixed price. As a low-cost initial investment it also raises the value of your property, making it a highly desirable choice.Don’t get caught out with cold water, choose the plumber Golden Bay residents trust and let PNG Solutions bring the heat for you.


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