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Perth hot water systems have come a long way from the stove-top boiling methods of our forefathers.

Today hot water systems utilise electric heaters, natural gas and even solar panels to bring your shower to the perfect temperature all year round. Here at PNG we deliver on all hot water solutions regardless of their energy source, because we understand the importance of a hot shower after a long day.

Electric Hot Water System

As the name suggests, an electric hot water system uses electricity to heat the water carried within a specified tank. These electric heaters function using an element which is sparked on demand when a tap is turned on. Depending on the type of electric hot water system that’s installed, the element will then work to heat the water instantaneously or once the stored volume has been depleted.While more of a traditional water heating alternative, electric hot water systems are often preferred for their low installation costs and affordable maintenance. As a well developed energy source, maintenance and repairs to electric hot water systems are much easier as spare parts are more available and technicians are more experienced in the problems that may occur.


Gas Hot Water Systems

Natural gas hot water systems are amongst the most commonly used water heaters in Perth for the many benefits they provide. The cost of Perth’s hot water has increased exponentially over the past few years, which is why many homes have made the switch to natural gas to take advantage of the energy efficiency it affords. It is said that, in the long haul, families have cut their energy costs in half after making the switch to gas hot water systems.

In keeping with the cost cutting trend, here at PNG, we provide quality gas solutions at unbeatably low prices, to help you save on unnecessary expenses. What’s more is you can rest easy knowing you’ll be doing your part for the environment by reducing your greenhouse emissions by an incredible 75%! Check out our Gas page to find out more about our gas utility services.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems utilise energy from the sun’s rays by converting it to power that is used to heat your water. These hot water systems use solar panels to absorb UV rays in order to then transform into sustainable energy. A common misconception is that the sun would need to be within view in order to operate the hot water system. In truth, however, solar hot water systems can operate all year round on the UV rays which are always prevalent in the atmosphere and omitted regardless of the season.Of the many hot water systems we provide, the solar hot water system is the most energy efficient in that it only costs as much as the installation. Call a PNG professional today to find out how you can benefit from a solar hot water system in your home.


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