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Many people have made the switch to gas heating services in their homes.

Whether it be a cook top stove or a water heating system, natural gas has become a popular solution to energy efficient and cost effective heating.

How Efficient is Gas Heating?

Let’s get real and talk about energy bills for a moment. We’ve all experienced the spike in gas and electricity over the past few years and with this in mind it’s important to consider what energy sources are powering your household and how best to reduce your bills and carbon footprint.

Together, your stove and hot water system makeup upto 40% of your energy consumption which is why making the switch to gas heating services can help to significantly reduce the cost of your bills. Here at PNG Solutions, we are the community’s favourite Perth gas plumbers, because we provide the best in home gas solutions at unbeatable prices. We specialise in the supplying of gas appliances, fitting and installations as well as repairs for all kinds of gas utility.

Whether you’re looking to connect a brand new gas stove or perhaps need gas heater servicing, we provide the highest quality gas fitting and maintenance across Perth’s wider regions.

As Perth gas plumbers, we’re familiar with local energy usage and understand the importance of managing your bills. This is why we provide a variety of options, the most energy efficient of which is the home gas solution. Cost effective heating affords you the luxury of gas’ continuous hot water flow without the worry of running cold. This sort of home gas solution is perfect for large families and constant hot water uses.

Our experienced gas plumber technicians are proficient in not only installing but also restoring gas heating systems to full functionality. Gas heater repairs are important in maintaining and ensuring the life of your gas system.

Whether you’re looking for help installing a new gas appliance, need repairs on a damaged gas piping or are looking to make the switch to natural gas in your home, our experienced team can help.

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