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Water heating accounts for a quarter of Perth household’s energy use, though it can climb even higher!

Choosing a water heating solution that works for you and works towards your budget can make a huge difference. If you’re looking to make the switch to an affordable, cost-effective and energy efficient choice, natural gas is a great option.

Gas hot water systems have become a popular choice across Perth households. Why? For providing reliability and powerful hot water solutions alongside low carbon emissions and impressive energy efficiency.


If you’re thinking about making the cost-effective choice and joining the ranks of gas hot water service lovers across Perth, you’ll have two heating methods to consider.

Firstly, storage hot water systems. These heat and store hot water inside your own insulated tank, giving you access to hot water whenever you need it. Using a gas burner positioned under your tank, water is heated before use. Though storage systems lose some heat through the walls of the tank, a well-insulated option is able to lower the temperature loss considerably. Gas storage hot water systems can be installed indoors or outdoors, though a flue ventilation system will be required when used inside.

Secondly, continuous flow or instant hot water systems. These systems heat water on demand using a gas burner to heat a coiled pipe known as a heat exchanged. The gas burner is activated when your hot water tap is turned on. In this way it only heats the amount of water you need and does not require a full tank, saving you space without sacrificing heat.


Natural gas is a great option if your property has the available connection requirements. Even without direct access, a propane hot water heater offers the same competitive advantage over electricity so you’re always able to power your water with gas. As a cheaper alternative than electricity, you won’t receive any nasty surprises when your bill arrives. But the financial benefits don’t arrive with the bill, they start long before, with low up-front installation costs and low maintenance costs you’ll see the savings right away. Gas water heater installation cost is always offset by future savings!

With gas hot water systems owning an energy efficiency star rating you won’t just be doing your bit to help your wallet, but the environment too. Gas hot water systems produce low greenhouse emissions, so you’ll be doing your bit for the Perth sky too.

Installing your own gas powered hot water system brings a level of speed that makes hot water use fast and easy. A natural gas water heater can typically heat a 170 litre tank in about an hour – this size tank could service an entire four person household with ease. While its recovery rate, the time it takes to reheat the same tank, is substantially faster than an electric water heater. Perfect for big families, or those who just love a long, hot shower to unwind, gas hot water is the ultimate accessory to a busy Perth home.

If you’re interested in learning how a gas hot water heater could improve your house, provide heat for your family and reduce your bills at the same time, reach out and speak to a PNG hot water specialist today!


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