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Do you need help with your gas appliance installation?

At PNG Solutions we have a team of experienced and licensed gas fitters who can help. Whether you’re looking to add a new gas appliance to your home, or you’re looking to stay on top of the maintenance of an existing gas appliance, we’re Perth’s number one choice.

It’s important to have your gas appliances installed by a professional, not just for the safety of your family, but by doing so you maintain the warranty on your appliances. It’s our goal to make your gas appliance installation as simple as possible, doing the job right and leaving you with an outstanding addition to your home.

Do you feel like your home could benefit from a gas appliance installation? Whether it’s gas ovens, gas cooktops, gas fireplaces or gas hot water systems, we have the tools to get you up and running.


It’s tempting to live by the expression, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. However, where gas appliances are concerned it is important to keep up to date with regular services. Gas appliances should regularly undergo a thorough service and inspection to help maximise their efficiency, prevent breakdown and ensure the safety of your family is always looked after.

A faulty gas appliance may emit dangerous gases like carbon monoxide into your home. On top of this, any build up of dust or debris around your home is a fire risk if escaping gas ignites. The best way to stay on top of your family’s safety is to let our experienced and licensed gas fitters give you an affordable peace of mind.

Are you unsure of the last time your appliances were serviced? Or, have you noticed a build up of soot around your gas appliance? There are a number of warning signs to be aware of that include pilot lights frequently going out or an unpleasant bitter smell, if these sound familiar reach out to our experts. Whether you’re looking for help with your current range of gas appliances or you’re looking to add more, our gas appliance installation Perth experts can help.


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