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When there’s a plumbing emergency you need to know who to call and at PNG Solutions we’re the emergency plumber Perth turns to. Whether it’s a burst pipe or a blocked toilet, our technicians can provide the relief you’re after.

We understand every second counts where a plumbing emergency is concerned so we pride ourselves on getting to you quickly. With no hidden fees and a reputation for fixing even the most difficult of emergencies, we make short work of your disaster and give you back your peace of mind.


At PNG Solutions our plumbers have the tools and experience to take the stress out of any plumbing emergency. If these breakdowns sound familiar and you’ve been left scratching your head and asking yourself, “is there an emergency plumber near me?”, we can help. We specialise in:

Hot water systems – A broken hot water system can cause chaos for your family. Our technicians can return the heat to your water and fix your hot water, assessing the cause of your problem and restoring your hot water without disrupting you and your home.

Burst/Leaking pipes – A leaking pipe is a huge headache and a burst pipe is a full blown migraine. Our emergency plumbing services can stop the leaks and have your water flowing freely again.

Gas leaks – A gas system can provide outstanding heat throughout your home appliances. But when something goes wrong you need to turn to a plumbing team you can trust. Poor workmanship or an improper installation can result in gas leaks that threaten the safety of your family. Our specialised gas leak detection technology can identify potential leaks and work towards fixing them, promptly and efficiently.

Appliance breakdowns – Our skilled technicians carry all the tools necessary to restore life to your broken appliances. If an appliance is broken beyond repair we’ll let you know and can even help with any new appliance installation too.

Blocked/leaking toilets – A blocked toilet may seem innocuous. But with the potential to severely damage the pipes below it’s important to sort out quickly. Our emergency plumbing team can remove the blockage and get your toilet back to full working order.

If you’ve got an emergency and need immediate help, call the emergency plumber Perth experts. Our team at PNG Solutions provide the fast, reliable and effective service you’ve been waiting for.


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