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As the name suggests, an electric water heater system uses electricity to heat the water carried within a specified tank.

These electric heaters function using an element which is sparked on demand when a tap is turned on. Depending on the type of electric hot water system that’s installed, the element will then work to heat the water instantaneously or once the stored volume has been depleted, depending on whether you opt for a water tank or a tankless water heater.

While more of a traditional water heating alternative, electric hot water heaters are often preferred for their low installation costs and affordable maintenance. As a well developed energy source, maintenance and repairs to electric hot water systems are much easier as spare parts are more available and technicians are more experienced in the problems that may occur.


With so many heating options available to Perth homes, it’s easy to look past an electric heater, thinking it no longer measures up. The truth is, electric heating is still a popular choice, with figures showing it currently powers 25% of all Aussie homes, and brings its own set of unique benefits. Electric heating systems can be installed with a tank on-site, or as an instantaneous flow that heats water only when needed using an electrically powered coil. Thinking about investing in an electric tankless water heater? Read on to find out what a PNG provided electric heating system can do for you.

  • An electric hot water heater is a safe and secure choice. Unlike gas heating which requires a much stricter maintenance program to ensure gas is not likely to leak, electric heating uses self contained coils that won’t require the same level of attention.
  • A common complaint of an electric hot water tank is the cost factor. While older electric heating systems may have incurred greater energy usage in warming stored water, newer variants are able to heat more water, at a lower cost, and stop the heat from escaping. Our range of electric heating systems are more energy efficient than ever.
  • Choosing an instantaneous electric water heater system only heats water that is required, so there’s no unnecessary wastage of water. Forget about running the tap through until hot water builds up, you’ve got an endless supply of instantly hot water at your fingertips.

If you think your home could benefit from an electric hot water system then reach out and speak to a PNG hot water expert today!


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