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There’s nothing quite like the moment you look up while brushing your teeth and notice just how dingy and tired your bathroom has become.

We’ve all been there. Between the aged fixtures and mouldy tiles, it’s hard to get excited about a bath anymore. You can, however, get excited about a stylish new bathroom renovation when you call the PNG professionals. We specialise in Perth bathroom renovations no matter how big or small the job. What’s more is, with our competitive prices, we’ll help to cut bathroom renovation costs in half!

Add value to your property with a stylish new bathroom renovation!

Bathroom Waterproofing

For every bathroom renovation there are three crucial steps: shopping, choosing and waterproofing. Bathroom waterproofing is undeniably the most important step of all bathroom renovations because it ensures that all your hard work does not go to waste a few months down the track. Waterproofing bathrooms involves an extensive process of sealing off gaps and grooves where water might collect in order to avoid a buildup of moisture and inevitable water damage.When waterproofing your shower for instance, your technician will begin by filling gaps between the ground, walls and fixtures with an industrial grade silicone to seal off any potential leaks. Once the silicone has set they will then apply a waterproofing agent to the areas most susceptible to moisture to guarantee your bathroom renovation withstands the test of time.


Bathroom Installations & Repairs

Perth bathroom renovations can become quite costly and perhaps your bathroom doesn’t need a complete makeover, but just a little TLC. Here at PNG our services range across the board from the smallest of jobs to the largest of bathroom renovation projects. Perhaps your shower head has sprung a leak and needs some attention? Our shower repair services can restore your existing shower to its former glory in no time.

Alternatively you might simply be upgrading an appliance or fixture and need a professional to help ensure it’s installed safely and securely. Our bathtub installations are quick, easy and run like water!

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Laundry Installations & Repairs

Perth bathroom renovations aren’t all we do! All our PNG technicians are proficient in handling, installing and repairing all laundry appliances and fixtures. However, the sad reality is that the laundry is commonly the most neglected room in the home. We attribute this to the fact that it is often the smallest and most unattractive space and serves to be functional but not aesthetically appealing.Here at PNG we believe that every part of your home can be beautiful when met with the right touch. This is why we’ve worked tirelessly to specialise in washing machine installations of all brands, makes and models and work to ensure your laundry appliances are installed to function at optimum capacity, without the cost of aesthetics.

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